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Apollo CSA 3.16 guide

CSA 3.16-15 Lever Operated non-lubricated gas shut-off valves

Apollo CSA 3.16 guide

CSA 3.16-15 Lever Operated non-lubricated gas shut-off valves

This Standard applies to manual lever operated gas shut-off valves, sizes 1/4" to 8", of metallic construction with welded, flanged or threaded ends other than pressure lubricated designs for use with natural gas, manufactured gas and liquefied petroleum gasses (distributed as vapour with or without the admixture of air), or mixtures thereof that are suitable for use between service temperatures of -60 degrees Celsius to 180 degrees Celsius over a pressure range of 0-125 PSI and withstand field pressure testing to a maximum permissible pressure of 187 PSIG.

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Double Offset High Performance Butterfly Valves

Double Offset High Performance Butterfly Valves

Double Offset High Performance Butterfly Valves


  • Class 150: 2”-24” (including 2.5” & 5”)
  • Class 300: 2”-24” (including 2.5” & 5”)
  • Class 600: 3”-12”


ASME B16.34 Valves - Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End

ASME B16.5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings

ASME B16.10 Face to Face and End to End Dimensions of Valves

ANSI/FCI 70-2 Control Valve Seat Leakage

MSS SP-25 Standard Marking System for Valves

MSS SP-44 Steel Pipe Line Flanges

MSS SP-55 Quality Standards for Steel Castings

MSS SP-61 Pressure Testing of Steel Valves

MSS SP-68 High Pressure Butterfly Valves with Offset Design

MSS SP-96 Terminology for Valves and Fittings

API 598 Valve Inspection and Testing

API 607 Fire Test for Soft Seated Valves

API 609 Butterfly Valves: Double Flanged, Lug and Wafer Type

NSF/ANSI 61 (2”-24”, Stainless 215 & 230)

Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

CE marked and documented valves that conform to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC are available in ASME class 150 & ASME class 300, both standard and fire-safe configurations.

CRN No. 0C17459.5CL

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Top Entry Ball Valves

Apollo Featured Top Entry Ball Valve

Top Entry Ball Valves

Top Entry Advantages:

  • Self-Adjusting Seats: Compensate for Wear & Temperature Fluctuations
  • Spring Loaded Low Pressure Sealing
  • Pressure Activated Seating
  • Built-In Anti-static Feature
  • True, Simple Inline Service
  • Minimized Leak Path Potential 
  • Wide Selection of Materials & Options
  • No Surprises

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Apollo is the showcase brand for one of the world's best-known manufacturers, the Consolidated Brass Company (Conbraco).

Apollo® bronze and steel ball valves come in all sizes and shapes, with all the connections and options you need.

Whether you need valves for chemical or natural gas applications, instrumentation, or tough industrial process flow, Apollo makes a ball valve to fit your purpose.

Apollo ball valves come in Two Piece, Three Piece, Unibody, Flanged, Three-Way, Union End, Steam Prep, Specialty, and Top Entry configurations.

Apollo ball valves are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy 20 and bronze, NPT socketweld flanged,with complete actuation including spring return handles.


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Associated ValveSince 1984, Associated Valve has served Western Canada and the world with industrial, sanitary and specialty valves and related products. Whether you are refitting during a shutdown, building a new refinery or doing maintenance replacements in a pulp and paper mill, Associated Valve can meet your specialized needs. Associated Valve is part of the Canerector Group of companies and has been serving customers in Alberta and worldwide since 1984.

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