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Diverter Port Ball Valve

Diverter Port Ball Valve

PBM Featured Diverter Valve

Diverter Port Ball Valve

The PBM Diverter Port valve is a 3-Way valve with the common port at the side or the bottom of the valve.

This valve has seats for positive shut-off on two ports, and a third, or common, port which has no seat and is always open to flow.

The PBM Diverter Port valve is an economical choice for many piping designs.

In some applications, a single Diverter Port can replace two or three 2-Way valves to reduce cost and space.

In other applications, a Diverter Port valve can produce an economical alternative to a 3-Way multi-port valve, depending on the sealing requirements.

This valve is also an excellent choice for mounting two relief valves from a common pressure source.

PBM Series 5 Diverter Port valves are readily available in sizes 1/2" - 6" in 316 stainless steel, with other materials upon request.

A wide choice of end fittings are available.

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Diverter Valves

Diverter Valves

Diverter valves are processing valves designed to direct flow from an inlet to one of two or more outlets. They can also be used for flow control and to converge two lines into one. Diverter valves are primarily used to handle powders, dry solids and slurries, although some types are available that can handle liquid service. They are ideal for applications where the conveying or pumping of materials to multiple vessels or silos is needed.

Diverter valves are useful in flow control and pipeline circuits; as they may be operated in conjunction with other valves allowing for medium-to-high flow switching or metering control. The flow may be controlled through a variety of devices depending upon the application at hand.

Diverter valves are used extensively in a wide range of commercial applications including agriculture and farming, aviation and aerospace, chemical manufacturing and processing, construction, coolant, HVAC and cryogenic distribution, food processing, medical and pharmaceutical services, sanitation and waste processing, and water delivery.


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