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Valve Manufacturer: Poyam Valves

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POYAM VALVES is a global leader in the design and manufacture of cryogenic service valves.

POYAM valves are built to withstand the extreme working conditions in the oil, chemical and petrochemical industries.

POYAM VALVES has been particularly outstanding in developing new designs of larger valves for high pressure and temperature service, Cryogenic valves, Corrosion resistant valves, Aluminium refining valves and specially-engineered products for specific services, i.e. specialising in high specification project work

Poyam Lift-Plug Valve

Poyam Valve: Featured Product #1

Lift-Plug Valves

Body available in standard materials and special alloys

Seating surfaces on both body and plug are precision ground to a mirror-like finish which forms an excellent metal-to-metal seal.

Because the body seats are raised and the plug seals peripherally, they are protected from the flow material in both the open and closed position. This greatly increases the life of the valve.

No lubrication is required inside the body of on the plug for seat sealing, plug rotation, or to prevent sticking. This eliminates the time and expense which might otherwise be required for lubrication. It also means there is no foreign matter in the valve (i.e. no lubricant) to contaminate the flow material.

The ability to keep the sealing surfaces clean by means of flushing ensures that erosion during the operation of the valve and closure on particles cannot take place.

Plugs are available with 70% and 100% port openings

Poyam Actuated Lift-Plug Valve

Poyam Valve Featured Product #2

Actuated Lift Plug Valve

Pneumatic actuation available for all sizes of Poyam lift-plug valves

The position indicator shows valve open or closed. Micro switches can be added for remote indication.

The plug and the stem are the only moving parts. This makes for easy, inexpensive internal maintenance

Poyam lift-plug valves are suitable for use at severe temperatures ranging from -120C to 750C